Green Energy Wood

Our downstream processing activities minimize wood wastage and reduce carbon footprint.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Honor With Action

We directly support indigenous skills training and fund community development projects.

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Sustainable Forestry

Forest rehabilitation and restoration is factored into our logging plan, and each tree is barcoded before felling to ensure sustainability standards are met. Part of our profit contributes to the development of the indigenous community of Papua.

About Us

We satisfy the world's present lumber needs without compromising the future.

Our methods are compliant with international sustainable logging standards (SVLK), and large-scale Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) are carried out on all areas and approved by Indonesia’s Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

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Our Subsidiaries

Whole Asia Group

Whole Asia Group Sdn. Bhd. is Southeast Asia's leading vertically integrated, socially responsible, sustainable timber company.

Investing in forests and forestry represent an investment in people and their livelihoods, especially the rural poor, the indigenous, youth and women. Around 1.6 billion people depend on forests for their livelihood.

Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations